How It Works

How Our Process Works

step-1 Tell us about the property and your unique situation
step-2 We’ll review the property details and consider all possible solutions
step-3 If a direct sale proves to be the best choice, we will provide you with a no-obligation offer
step-4 If you accept, we will be ready to close with a reputable, local title company in as little as 7 days!
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How Our Process Works

Timeframe:  After your property information is submitted, typically, an offer will be sent to you within 24 hours! If the offer is accepted, we are able to close in just 7 days! Imagine being free of burdensome property in just one week! It is our commitment and highest priority to cater to your individual needs and only do what will be in your best interests for your particular situation. Therefore,  we will always work on your terms, and will close on any day of your choosing.

Selling Your House Can Be Quick and Easy!

We take pride in taking care of you and are direct buyers. We want to pay you directly, and as quickly as possible, for your house. We do not want you to wait for your house to close while the house is listed.

Financing is not needed on our end, which allows us to work on your terms and timetables--closing on whichever day is the most convenient for you. There are no fees, commissions, repair costs, or waiting. When you work with us,  there is total transparency.

No need to worry about extra costs coming out of your pocket in order to get your house listing ready. We won’t ask you to launder or make repairs to your house because we buy AS IS. You simply sit back and wait for your check!

See what we can offer you for your unwanted house! Call our office today, or send us a message now! 424-354-0718